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Thanks for using our telemedicine service. Prior to your appointment, you may receive a reminder just as you would an in-office visit. Please follow the steps as usual. If possible, please obtain your child’s weight and temperature and move to a well-lit area before your appointment begins. At the time of your appointment, click on the specific link to connect with the provider, and you will be placed into his or her virtual waiting room. Only Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers may be used.

Cheryl Ahart, MD https://LRPC.doxy.me/drcahart
Chad Rodgers, MD https://LRPC.doxy.me/drcrodgers
Joshua O’Neill, MD https://LRPC.doxy.me/drjoneill
Aaron Strong, MD https://LRPC.doxy.me/drastrong
Catherine Robben, MD https://LRPC.doxy.me/drcrobben
Natalie Burr, MD https://LRPC.doxy.me/drnburr
Jennifer Murphree, APRN https://LRPC.doxy.me/jenniferaprn